Photo Story: A Gift for Ross

So my friend Karla from Tumblr send me an awesome Valentine’s BJD Swap Box Thing! It actually arrived on my birthday on Tuesday but you know, I had to take proper photo story pics with my daylight lamp!

Ross is very happy with all the free food as is expected and she even promised to share some with Copper (but only the Freddo’s I think…).

Copper is wearing her Innocent Smoothies hat too, sadly I haven’t found many, they are very popular here so it’s quite hard to find a yoSD size one.

Enough babble, on to the photo story!


And another extra shot of Horace because he get so little screen time… ^^”


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Hi, I'm petesy! Dutch BJD collector & owner of 3 MSDs, 1 MNF and 1 yoSD. 💚 Pro-artist!

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