Star Wars Tea Swap

On Tumblr there is this GREAT thing called a Tea Swap where you send & receive tea, snacks and gifts (usually a monthly theme) from all over the world! Of couse I HAD to join the Star Wars tea swap seeing the unhealthy obsession interest I have taken in the saga.


My package arrived today! It’s huge!


..I only now realized everything is wrapped in Disney paper because Star Wars is now owned my Disney, and NOT because my swap partner is French D’oh!


The letter!

Hi Mardie!
It’s “tea swap” time! I had so much fun doing this package for you. But first let me intruduce myself. My name is Amelie and I’m 27 years old. I really love planning tea swaps each month and since I’m a HUGE, HUGE fan of Star Wars I had to do a Star Wars theme! I discovered this awesome saga when I was really young thanks to my parents. I love it way too much… I have a lot of posters, some mugs, postcards etc.

In this swap, you will find some Star Wars stickers and some goodies. As you are a fan of General Hux, I went to a lot of shops to find something about him. I really hope you’ll like it! I also made something for one of your BJD. It was the first time I sew something so small. It’s not perfect but I hope you’ll like it. ^^

Of course, a tea swap without tea isn’t a tea swap so here are the teas I put in this package:

* Earl Grey superieur = a classic Earl Grey with bergamoth and cornflower.
* A bag of Rise & Shine Infusion = an organic mate with lemongrass and lemon
* Orange pekoe = an orange pekoe tea from Ceylon
* English breakfast = a basic english breakfast. It’s the one without label.
* Royal Assam = a good Assam by Windsor-Castle
* Prince of Wales = a really good black tea. It’s my favourite. ^^
* Super berries = an infusion of red berries and rooibos
* Pomegrenate = a green tea with pomegrenate. It’s the triangle shaped one with the green label.

I hope you’ll love everything.

May the force be with you.


…. wait she said a HUX!????? ?

A HUX!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



…but first the rest because I expressed great restraints in unwrapping the package that seemed Hux-related: the one slowly sliding towards the edge of the cutting table, as if pushed by some unseen Force that came from the general direction of Mini Kylo Ren.

Very strange indeed. Well, here’s the tea!


I think I got EVERY one of my favorite teas! I love berries, earl grey, lemon and orange pekoe. The pomegranate is a new one for me and I’m trying it out later!


Amelie even sewed something for my BJD, how awesome is that!


It’s a really cute skirt! Where do you find this fabric?


It fit exactly on Copper and she is very happy with it!


The rest of aforementioned goodies. Stickers! Keychains! Napkins!


The blind bag contained a tiny X-wing fighter. Copper hasn’t let go of it since.


Okay. The last one. Will it be a Hux!?




Look at him and his redundant Evangelion-esque jetpack. It’s so strange, yet I will still be disappointed if Episode 8 doesn’t include Hux flying around in a jetpack.


The figurine is really nice, the paint job is pretty good.

There’s only one… smol… problem.


I mean I will be the last person to deny that I love a good smol Hux, but this is getting ridiculous! I spend a good couple minutes laughing at this.

Just imagine Hux looking up to a Kylo who’s suddenly 7 foot tall:


Now I’ll have to find a smaller Kylo Ren because this one is about to step on Hux (intentionally or not).


I also got a Darth Vader pencil tip thing and of course Ren tried to convince Hux to put it on (it does actually fit – yes I tried).

Okay I will try to keep normal trash levels around here.


For now, Hux will have to stay near the other ginger ;D

Thank you SO much Amelie! This whole package is wonderful and feeds my needs for more Star Wars while we wait for Episode 8 for another… 1,5 years T_T I will try all the teas but I think I’ll also like Prince of Wales the most, it smells delicious!

Next month is another Book & Tea Swap which I will also be joining 😀


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Hi, I'm petesy! Dutch BJD collector & owner of 3 MSDs, 1 MNF and 1 yoSD. 💚 Pro-artist!

One thought on “Star Wars Tea Swap”

  1. I’m so happy you liked everything 🙂
    I bought the Star Wars fabric (alongside with a Marvel one) at a craft convention that was held in Strasbourg. I couldn’t resist and I had to buy a fat quarter ^^


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