Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays everyone!

I took the time to sew some new holiday-themed clothing for the crew and they sure love it! Especially Kiahn in his snowman ugly sweater, I think he’s gone 2 full years without new clothing now…!

I set up my little Christmas miniature scene, sadly the tree lights have broken and I have no outlet near my doll photography corner. I did get the other string to work so I will replace it after this shoot.


Kiahn and Lovis trying to untangle the new lights… uh-oh…


Of course they start to fight! Who would have thunk…/s


Copper is trying to be helpful, but Horace has been selected as official tree-decorator because he is the tallest!


Horace dons his favorite sweater with a hand-sewn image of Rudolph. He makes it his personal goal to end up as red-nosed as this reindeer…


Copper wears a similar dress that I made for my sister last year. There are tiny glitters everywhere!


Lovis wears her vintage flower dress, which she made a bit more festive with her leaf ornament brooch.You’d think Lovis does not care much about the holidays, but she takes any excuse to dress up fancy!


It’s actually Kiahn who doesn’t care much about the holidays, but he did wear the sweater I made for him so that is a huge plus!

(I actually made a second pair of red jeans for Horace, but his fat ass wouldn’t fit! Lay off the eggnog will ya?)


And an updated crew shot to sign off 2016! Sadly Ross isn’t here yet, but I don’t have a body for her anyway.

This has been an eventful year for me, and in 2017 I will be focusing on my two Etsy shops and sewing lessons. I’m really motivated to start on a new wardrobe for all my dolls and get their awful shoe situation sorted (shoes are so hard to find!!!)

What are your doll plans for 2017?


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Hi, I'm petesy! Dutch BJD collector & owner of 3 MSDs, 1 MNF and 1 yoSD. 💚 Pro-artist!

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