A Doll Year – 2016

So, 2016 wasn’t a particularly active doll year for me, but I still made some changes in my doll collection I want to reflect upon in this final post of 2016!


Collection – Start of 2016

Kiahn – Angelregion Little Fair Cien boy (modded)
Copper – Custom House Ange Ai Sunny
Orpheus (later renamed Horace) – Resinsoul Song boy (tan)
Ross – K-doll Kael on Glorydoll girl body

Floating heads

Jyo – Dikadoll Chi head
Kiahn SD version – Dollgru #09 head

This really was the year of big decision making time. I owned two of my grail heads (K-doll Kael and Dollgru #09) but I had to be honest with myself and find out SD size is not for me. When I handled the Glorydoll body I bought end of 2015 (arrived January 2016), it was the final straw. I longed back to my full-MSD collection that I could easily display in my diorama.

That moment, I decided to quit the SD size and put all my SD heads for sale. I immediately set my eye on a Bluefairy Olive head that was for sale on the Marketplace on Den of Angels.


I decided she would be Lovis, a shieldmaiden character. I got her a platinum blonde wig and she ended up with lavender eyes I had lying around. The character quickly developed itself as well as a storyline connecting her to my other characters.

After the most basic form of education, Lovis was tossed into the bogs where she picked roots, frogs and herbs for her mother who ran a small apothecary. When Lovis became of age, a woman named Roselyn of the College of Greywall came to the bog community and paid double her dowry for Lovis to become her squire. It is the College’s number one mystery as to why Ross chose this girl in particular, but so far Lovis has proved to be quite the asset to Ross’s team. She displays no natural talent for magic, although she does possess a “sixth sense” to feel magic around which indicated magical familiarity, but to what extent is still unknown.

After a short page training, Lovis went on to be Ross’ squire, cooking and cleaning and sharpening swords, her highest ambition becoming a full-fledged knight. Still, she has a hard time with the knight’s code to obey her patron even to death, as Ross pulls some morally grey or downright evil tricks in her career as a relic hunter.


A couple of weeks later I found a Bluefairy May head with a Blossom body on the Marketplace, and I brought her home to be the body for Lovis. I planned to keep the head as Ingwer,  but soon my plans changed and I put her up for sale again.


(picture by Harucasting)

Finally, after my K-doll Kael sold, I decided I wanted to have Ross back as an MSD. It just so happened my BJD friend xdissipation released an artist head under the label BoyPink. I just had to have one! She has not arrived yet but as the purchase was done last month she counts for 2016.

Rosalynd or Ross for short is the leader of the College’s relic hunting party. The College has taken an interest in magical relics and found Ross to be of more use in the field than in the dorms, where she had a habit of practicing her fire magic on freshmen. Ross is a natural born magic user and although she is trained in the school of restoration, she dabbles a bit with all kinds of spells, leading to dangerous and sometimes explosive results.

Ross was born with a cleft plate, which turned her wealthy-born parents to reject her at the College’s door. She remains in good contact with her younger brother Donnevar who resides at the city’s Council, but she has not spoken to her parents since their retirement to some far-away idyllic county estate.

Ross has recently acquired a squire, Lovis, but went far out of her way into the eastern bogs and coughed up quite a large sum of money for her. The College, of course, is completely unaware what Ross invested her stipend in, yet the rest of the party knows to keep an eye on young Lovis.

Collection – End of 2016

Kiahn – Angelregion Little Fair Cien boy (modded)
Copper – Custom House Ange Ai Sunny
Horace – Resinsoul Song boy (tan)
Lovis – Bluefairy Olive

Floating heads

Ingwer – Bluefairy May (modded)


Ross – BoyPink RE:Sen

Plans for 2017

  • Body for Ross (Souldoll Vito girl body or Freakstyle Salome body)
  • More shoes for the crew
  • More outfits for the crew
  • New look for Orpheus
  • New face-up for Lovis and Ross

I do plan on spending more time on my dolls this year to at least get them finished in one full outfit with shoes and accessories. I also plan to build a diorama, but knowing me it will stay in the planning phase for at least a year.

What are your doll plans for 2017?


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Hi, I'm petesy! Dutch BJD collector & owner of 3 MSDs, 1 MNF and 1 yoSD. 💚 Pro-artist!

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