Arrival of Ross (Boypink RE:Sen)


So look who arrived today! I was originally going to pick this head up as Boypink is located in The Netherlands, but I decided I couldn’t wait and had her shipped. I rarely had to wait this shortly for a doll, yay!


Un-wrapped! The sculpt is a Boypink RE:Sen, the first order round. She is a 50cm head, with a wig size of 7″ and 6mm eyes. Wow! Very different from my generally classic doll collection so far. She also has a cleft lip, which adds a ton of character to this sculpt.


6mm eyes…! I still can’t get over it….! Would recommend low-dome eyes though as these show a little gaping on the sides.


The head is more of a faceplate-type, which is great for doing a bald or partly bald hairstyle for this doll. I am already thinking over some options! I mean with a head this unique I can hardly slap on a regular Monique wig, can I…?

The head closes with three magnets and looks sturdy overall.


Well, the only bodies I have are MSD so I decided to pop her on one for shits and giggles. It’s pretty bad! Although it looks a little bit more acceptable in real life. Time to save up for an actual 50cm body.20170103_122521_hdr20170103_122618_hdr20170103_122507_hdr20170103_122723_hdr

…and then I slapped a Monique wig on her (6-7″)


Well, meet Ross! She is borrowing Orpheus’ clothes but she looks nothing like I am imagining her. Ross is supposed to be a fire mage and a higher-up in the Greywall College of Magic. She is definitely experimental, cranky, and VERY secretive. I am thinking of doing a shaved or bald head with braids in the middle.

Ross has crystal implants in her arms that boost her magic, I will probably do a temporary hot-glue mod on the body I will eventually get for her. For now she wil be “hiding” them beneath these Dollzone arm sleeve things (that belonged to Kiahn for over.. .5 years?).


Long story short, I am exceptionally pleased with this head, it’s going to be a challenge finding an affordable body for her (eying on Souldoll Vito Girl) but I am going to enjoy working on a new doll again.

Now to get everyone their proper mage robes…!


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Hi, I'm petesy! Dutch BJD collector & owner of 3 MSDs, 1 MNF and 1 yoSD. šŸ’š Pro-artist!

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