Box Opening – Brienne (MNF Shiwoo)

I posted a teaser on Instagram and Tumblr of my newest arrival, whom I picked up at sbslink’s place on my birthday! When I arrived home I had a very busy weekend so I only got to do a “proper” box opening today, with Horace of course, since the character I’m bringing home is supposed to be his wife!


Horace: “did she arrive with all her clothes? Can’t be – this box is WAY too small…”


Horace: “unless… IT’S A MAGICAL BOX!”


*muffled screaming*

Horace: “sleeping beauty doesn’t want to be disturbed in her slumber, obviously…”


Horace: …!
Brienne: …!!!


Horace: “huh. Your nose seems smaller than I remember.”

Brienne: “stop being a dick and help me out of this foam coffin, you oaf!”


Horace: “had a nice trip, I reckon?”

Brienne: “… three days I’ve been confined to this coffin! I had forgotten what light looks like!”


Horace: “you are a sorceress of shadows, how could you have hated being hidden away from those awful, awful sunrays?”

Brienne: “ha. May I remind you shadow magic does not usually deal with confined spaces.”


Me: “what a happy couple.”

Horace & Brienne: “you can shut up and start taking more pictures, okay?”


They sure are a couple of mischief! I do really like the height difference, I never really thought about it but it is really cute to see Brienne being almost a full head smaller than Horace!


And their hands interlock in the absolute cutest way!

Character babble


So, welcome Brienne! I actually did not settle on a name for her until today. She is actually a character that was developed together with my friend, when we roleplayed a Dragonmarked couple in Pathfinder’s Ebberon setting.

Orpheus and his wife Eurydice were marked with a Dragonmark of Shadows, and when two Dragonmarked people have a child, this child’s Dragonmark can become Abhorrent, which causes insanity and all other kinds of unpleasant things. So, they hid their love for years until they finally ran away together to pursue a life of theft and mercenary. Orpheus became a Shadow Dancer with Shadow Step as his most powerful feat, and Eurydice played Lullaby and Illusion spells on her harp, which doubled as a weapon.

Original idea for Euridyce. Picture by Kiyo Murakami (Flickr)

She had a theme of sand, dreams, veils and illusions over her, which my friend beautifully captured during her roleplay. Orpheus was honestly a stereotypical shadow assassin… xD I particularly enjoyed his reckless abandon and silly superstitions.


The campaign lasted about six months, after which Orpheus perished in a heroic attempt to save his wife, who revealed she was pregnant with twins (!), but she also succored to the demon they “accidentally” unleashed deep within the slumbers of the villain’s castle.

Orpheus (whom I renamed “Horace”) continued to be very dear to me and found his way in doll form about a year after the campaign. Yet, Eurydice remains the character of my friend, so I decided to change her and adapt the lovers’ story to that of Greywall.

I also fell in love with Dark Souls 3.



Dancer of the Boreal Valley is one of the most enigmatic bosses in any video game ever, and I felt incredibly inspired to work her themes into my story somehow. And with wanting to change Horace’s wife to a character of my own, I knew I wanted to have a fallen knight-like character bound to shadow and ash, veiled and wielding two swords. Born for greatness, yet bound to the political plots of her family, and in my story, to the Council of Greywall.


Long story short, Horace’s wife is now called Brienne and will be a feisty, strong-willed woman operating from the shadows and diving deeper into shadow magic. Horace’s loyalty to the College will be tested when Brienne claims him for her own agenda! She does love him deeply tho, and will do anything to protect him. She also taught him everything he knows about shadow magic, and for the better – in another hand, Horace’s talents might be abused for other goals than Brienne’s…



And as a final shot: for the first time in YEARS, all of my dolls have shoes! It’s a miracle!


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