Valentine’s Swap from Karla

A couple of weeks ago Karla talked about how she missed out bi-monthly tea swap, and she asked who would be interested in a BJD-themed Valentine Swap! Well, with my newest couple on their way (unbeknownst to Karla at the time), I thought it would be perfect!


The box arrived ON Valentine’s Day, isn’t that fantastic! I was dumb and thought this one was from my other swappee, who picked Horace. Karla’s return address was right on the box but I somehow totally missed her shipping confirmation!

Horace: “yaaay more stuff!!!”

Brienne: “it better not be one of you other girlfriends!”


Horace: “…. wait a minute… That cards says “Petesy & Copper!”


Copper: “I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!”


Brienne: “kiddo, this box is twice your height! Don’t get too excited.”

Copper: “I am going to eat literally every single thing that’s inside there.”


Wow! So many new weird snacks! I really do love exotic new things, like those Prawn Cocktail crisps, and what else is there this time?


Ohhhh I don’t know about these! I will definitely try those but deep-fried pork skins! Definitely on par with the Tikki Masala candy cane from an earlier package.


I tried these and they’re actually pretty good!


I got a red nose from a charity, selfie coming soon!


Some nice pot noodles.


The teas I requested! I really really love Lady Gray but they have been out of stock for a while at my normal tea place. I was very pleased to see they changed the packaging to be more ec0-friendly, so the tea bags are no longer individually wrapped. And there’s 50 of them!

I also really like to try the Chai and Cinnamon yeas! I do love Pukka’s packaging design a lot.


Copper: “and there’s bracelets for me! But – who to thank?”


Well, it’s not a secret Valentine!


This card is hilarious! I’ve not seen one with this type of humor at the magazine store. And there’s even a little card for Copper.


Of course, Apple wrote the sweetest thing she’s capable of…

Dear Copper,

I don’t dislike you, or with any harm on you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From Apple



Copper: “thank you Apple!”


A shot of our three protagonists for todays post.


And this is the most perfect thing of all – a set of handcuff bracelets for H&B! Brienne arrived after Karla send the package so there was no way of knowing there would be a couple in my crew, so this was a very happy coincidence!

Thank you so much Karla for everything you send me! 🙂


Bonus shot of me eating the noodles (that were delicious!) while editing this post.

~ Petesy


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Hi, I'm petesy! Dutch BJD collector & owner of 3 MSDs, 1 MNF and 1 yoSD. 💚 Pro-artist!

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