Doll Meet Heerenveen

I met up with a bunch of Dutch BJD owners all the way in Heerenveen where hasel-anne has her wigmaking / porcelain casting studio! It was fun to see some old faces again as I haven’t been to a real meet in over 2 years!


And I snuck some quick shots from Hasel’s workspace and her hand-cast porcelain doll with her children.




Of course I couldn’t resist buying a BJD wig for Copper, whose wig is literally falling apart. She got spoiled with a nice antique pink wig! I will have to adjust her face-up a bit because it’s quite harsh now next to her soft new wig.


And a random pic of Brienne (also in Hasel wig, can you spot a pattern here?)


Overall it was a really fun meet and I’m looking forward to the next one!





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Hi, I'm petesy! Dutch BJD collector & owner of 3 MSDs, 1 MNF and 1 yoSD. 💚 Pro-artist!

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