Finally, an update! + Projects page

Hi all! How have you been? I have been majorly distracted by life in general and the ease of sharing your stuff through Instagram. But I am not planning on neglecting this blog! In fact I am going to (hopefully) add a whole lot more content to this blog as I’m expanding it to my other major hobby: sewing.

I’ve been sewing for years and lately the focus has been more on human-sized clothing, but I am planning to come back to my Etsy shop again with smaller, once-every-4-to-6-week updates. But more about that in a future post!

Buying second hand AAARGH!

(warning: doll nudity in the slideshow!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I ripped this straight from Instagram as I did the box opening in my Stories and not in my normal camera… Well, I was notified that this body was for sale on the local marketplace, and I had been looking for a body for my floating May head. Turns out, the actual buying was quite a hassle and when the body arrived I got some free recast stuff! Yay!!!! /s

The body itself is not on the recast list and is legit (came in a Think Pink box), but the neck piece is dodgy as hell and the eye putty and magic eraser actually have the email address of recasters on them! I was really let down by this purchase, also because the seller never disclosed they would take an entire week to ship it, thus causing me to miss the body before going to my parents for a week. After two flipping weeks I finally get to do the box opening…

Only to see that the head and body will not work together!!! AAARGH!!!


I mean, this looks so dumb!!! The head is in a wholly different scale than the (frankly quite large) F-doll body! I was so done that I tossed it in the doll drawer and kept an eye on the secondhand marketplace to find a cheap head and sell this dumb body on.

Until I tried Ross on him again a couple of weeks later!


I really disliked the proportions in my early try-out (see slideshow) but the second attempt felt like a more natural hybrid. Ross is a Boypink RE:Sen head, which is meant for a 50cm body, but the wide F-doll shoulders might actually made it a decent hybrid. At least decent enough to keep around until I can get my hand on a Souldoll body or even better, a Freakstyle body for Ross…!

In short, I’ve been playing with my dolls a lot. They still need clothes.


New: Projects Page

I now have a Projects page for all my doll-, craft-, and sewing-related creations! Right now there’s two onld projects I did last year because I am sooo good at keeping up my WIP shots… Expect more to come, and not just sewing projects!

That is all for this update, see you around!

~ petesy



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