Hi, I’m Petesy, and welcome to my BJD site ietsiePetesy!

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My BJD collection

I discovered ball-jointed dolls in 2006 through the then-popular webcomic Schism. The author of the comic shelled her comic characters into these amazing dolls that I just had to know more about! After lurking around for a year I finally joined Den of Angels, the larges ABJD forum, in 2007 and a year after that I welcomed home my first MSD, Kiahn!

My collection has changed a lot over the years. Around 2010 I had a plan to replace all my MSD characters with SDs and thus sold nearly my entire collection. When I acquired several SD grail heads I struggled to find a nice SD body for it, and when I realized SD is just too big for me, I reverted back to MSD’s in 2015. And here we are!

I currently own three MSDs, two slim mini’s and a yoSD doll. You can read more about their characters and profiles here. Also stop by my  sales page to see what doll parts and secondhand stuff I have for sale!

I am strongly anti-recast.



I have been sewing since I was 16 and really wanted to create an outfit for a Renaissance fair, Elf Fantasy Fair (now Elfia). My Mom had no patience with me, so I taught myself to sew via tons of Youtube videos and the online blogging community. Now, I teach two sewing classes on the side and have sewed many outfits for myself, friends & family.

I opened my first Etsy shop in 2014, Pete & Nordica BJD, where I sold doll-sized outfits and accessories. After graduating from university and moving away, I opened my own Etsy shop, ietsie Petesy, where I continue to sell doll clothing in small batches. I still really love sewing although I have been moving to real life costumes and clothing, which you will also find on my blog. Check out my Projects page for an overview of everything I’m making, or follow my blog for sporadic updates.

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