For questions / contact / sales information, please send me an email at teamdragon@live.nl!

 Kiahn, Copper, Orpheus, Lovis, Brienne & Ross

Hi, I’m Petesy, and welcome to my BJD site ietsiePetesy!

IMG-20140805-WA0001I discovered ball-jointed dolls in 2006 through the then-popular webcomic Schism. The author of the comic shelled her comic characters into these amazing dolls that I just had to know more about! After lurking around for a year I finally joined Den of Angels, the larges ABJD forum, in 2007 and a year after that I welcomed home my first MSD, Kiahn!

My collection has changed a lot over the years. Around 2010 I had a plan to replace all my MSD characters with SDs and thus sold nearly my entire collection. When I aquired several SD grail heads I struggled to find a nice SD body for it, and when I realized SD is just too big and wieldy for me, I reverted back to MSD’s in 2015. And here we are!

I currently own two MSDs, two slim mini’s and a yoSD doll. You can read more about their characters and profiles here. Also stop by my  sales page to see what doll parts and secondhand stuff I have for sale!

I am strongly anti-recast.

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