So long, and thanks for all the fish

Thank you everyone who followed this blog in the past 2 years! I am winding this blog down and will most likely not return after my domain expires.

Ball-jointed dolls have always been a huge part of my life but I simply don’t feel the need to blog about them if I already post nearly daily on Instagram. I also engage way more with other BJD owners on Tumblr than here on my blog, where the threshold to comment and reply is much higher.

I tried turning this blog into a sewing blog but I am getting so busy that I rarely have time to sew any more. In short – life happens, and I don’t want to have another website lingering around that I’m not going to update in months.

You can still find me on Tumblr and Instagram to follow my dolls and sewing adventures 🙂 If I ever find the time and energy to return to my blog, I will certainly let you all know there.