Kiahn is a silent, observant person who enjoys his own company most. He likes reading, drinking tea, rainy evenings indoors and crime scene investigation shows. Kiahn lives in modern times and dates his trans* girlfriend Say, who is pulled into a lot of trouble when some people from Kiahn’s past show up at the door…


Rosalynd or Ross for short is the leader of the College’s relic hunting party, and adept at fire magic. A very stubborn and sometimes explosive personality, Ross is every stereotypical thing you might expect from a fire mage. Yet, she knows how to play the game of the conservative city Council versus the more liberal College, spinning a web of influence around her to allow her to continue her experiments.


Introverted, cool, calm and collected, stand-offish yet very ambitious and a sore loser. Lovis is not the easiest person to be around, but once you gain her trust she will defend you with her life. She displays no natural talent for magic, although she does possess a “sixth sense” to feel magic around which indicated magical familiarity, but to what extent is still unknown.


Stubborn, perfectionist, dominant. Brienne rules the shadow side of the chapel with an iron fist, and demands utter devotion and obedience from all who serve her, be it dancer or milkmaid. Under her guidance, the chapel runs good money, so they generally leave her to do as she pleases. Brienne has a clear goal in mind – the destruction of the Solar Temple towering in the very heart of Greywall.


Horace might seem like a happy-go-lucky free spirit living off the extraordinary amount of luck life has granted him, but beyond the pesky smile lies a morally gray ex-thief who cheated and betrayed his way out of the slums and into the prestigious College. He is deeply and utterly devoted to Brienne, who pulled him out of the dirt and into shiny veils and ringing belts.


Copper spends almost all of her time at the College, nose-deep in some old hard-to-decipher text or a cup of hot herbal tea. She may seem short, but her heart is big. Her peers would describe her as chaotic, kind, intelligent, yet bites off more than she can chew, especially after joining Ross’ relic hunting party.