Stubborn, perfectionist, dominant. Brienne rules the shadow side of the chapel with an iron fist, and demands utter devotion and obedience from all who serve her, be it dancer or milkmaid. Under her guidance, the chapel runs good money, so they generally leave her to do as she pleases. Brienne has a clear goal in mind – the destruction of the Solar Temple towering in the very heart of Greywall. It is said she gets up before dawn to personally curse the sun every single day. When you earn Brienne’s trust, however, you will have a loyal and powerful ally.

Name: Brienne
Sculpt: Fairyland Minifee Shiwoo
Body: Minifee A-line body NS
Arrival: 9 February 2017

Eyes: 14mm green Enso Eyes
Wig: 6-7″ HaselsAesthetics mohair wig in Storm Gray
Modifications: –
Face-up: by Irriemirrie

Storyline: Relic Hunters

Race: human
Age: unknown, seems late 20-something

Lover: Orpheus

Background: Brienne’s childhood is clouded in mystery, but at one point she ended up tucked away in a shady chapel that brings paid offerings during the day, and takes coin at night for displays of dazzling dance and shadow magic. Brienne is one of the dancers, although her sophisticated manners and her interest in playing games with anyone holding a position of power suggests she was planted there for a reason.

Brienne fell in love with the orphan boy Horace, smuggled him inside the chapel and taught him dance and magic. Together, they planned to run away to a life of fortune until Horace proved himself to be an obedient pawn in Brienne’s perfectly-manicured fingers.

Likes: expensive jewelry, things going her way, indulging in a hot bath and a good book

Dislikes: the cold, weak people, dogs

Favorite color: black and gray

Fashion style: full black with only hints of colour, Brienne dresses herself in shadow-like veils and long dresses.