Copper spends almost all of her time at the College, nose-deep in some old hard-to-decipher text or a cup of hot herbal tea. She may seem short, but her heart is big. Her peers would describe her as chaotic, kind, intelligent, yet bites off more than she can chew, especially after joining Ross’ relic hunting party.

Name: Copper
Sculpt:  Aidolls Ange Ai Sunny
Body: Aidolls AA body
Arrival: 12 October 2013

Eyes: 16mm CiG-EN02 glass eyes
Wig: synthetic mohair wig (unknown maker)
Modifications: –
Face-up: by me

Storyline: Relic Hunters
Race: halfling
Age: 35

Background: in all ways, Copper seemed to be a model student for the College. A family with a long history in the study of forgotten languages, a clean record and a passion for dusty books and scrolls. Yet, Copper soon found the limits within the College’s walls to be suffocating, and asked the Grandmeister to place her on the list as a scribe for a relic hunting team. After ten years the College finally granted her wish to go out in the field to support a team with their administrative duties and to interpret the written aspects of relic hunting. Copper speaks 6 languages fluently and can decipher at least 30 runic alphabets, making her an asset to Ross’ party.

Copper is no natural born magic user, but can use potions and charged crystals to perform basic spells to aid her in her work. This is why she was placed with Ross, who has extensive knowledge of crystals, and to this day Copper remains the only non-magic user in a relic hunting team across the College. She quickly developed a strong bond with Horace, the party’s shadow mage, as their reckless personalities compliment each other perfectly.

Likes: getting up before dawn, pot roast, nature, animals, the smell of a freshly opened bottle of ink
Dislikes: authority
Favorite color: blue and green
Fashion style: comfortable, simple clothing and is never seen without a hat or cap