Horace might seem like a happy-go-lucky free spirit living off the extraordinary amount of luck life has granted him, but beyond the pesky smile lies a morally gray ex-thief who cheated and betrayed his way out of the slums and into the prestigious College. He is deeply and utterly devoted to Brienne, who pulled him out of the dirt and into shiny veils and ringing belts.

Name: Horace of Greywall
Sculpt: Resinsoul Song tan
Body: RS male body
Arrival: 31 July 2015

Eyes: 16mm unknown Champagne eyes
Wig: 6-7″ DollGa WS-124
Modifications: –
Face-up: by me

Storyline: Relic Hunters
Race: elf
Age: 90

Background: Horace was born in the slums of Greywall to grow up as yet another thieving orphan roaming the streets. Yet, as he discovered his natural talent for magic, he knew he was destined for greater things and set off to earn his place among the students of the College of Greywall. After trapping a Councilman’s son in a male prostitution scam, Horace created his leverage to enter the program. He excelled at illusion magic and was quickly selected for a relic hunting team – yet only Ross dared to trust the trouble-making illusion mage.

Horace does not necessarily enjoy traveling and scanning dusty old libraries, but does intensely enjoy the large bonuses he earns for every intact relic brought back to the College. Although he was quite wary of the other members of Ross’ team, he became close friends with the halfling Copper.

Likes: shiny things like gems and gold, money, sleeping, being a lazy bum
Dislikes: being poor
Favorite color: black and gold
Fashion style: unlike the halfling Copper, Horace enjoys walking bare-footed. He dresses predominantly in black to aid his shadow magic effects.