Kiahn is not part of the main story line “Relic Hunters”, but as he’s my very first doll he will never leave my possession.

Kiahn is a silent, observant person who enjoys his own company most. He likes reading, drinking tea, rainy evenings indoors and crime scene investigation shows. Kiahn lives in modern times and dates his trans* girlfriend Say, who is pulled into a lot of trouble when some people from Kiahn’s past show up at the door…

Name: Kiahn Hattori
Sculpt: AngelRegion Little Fair Cien in NS
Body: AR LF single-jointed boy body
Arrival: 9 January 2007

Eyes: mismatched Captured in Glass eyes
Wig: handmade black faux fur wig
Modifications: 3rd eye and alien parasite mod
Face-up: by me
Other: –

Character: cool, stand-offish, introverted, quiet, tidy, stubborn.

Background: when Kiahn was 12, he discovered a crashed meteor in the fields. Something happened there in the cold, dark night, and Kiahn was found days later with an alien parasite latched onto his face. Kiahn was then taken by government officials to the Hartmann Clinic who specializes in gene therapy and early forms of bionic implants and bionic protheses. He had a pretty good time there as they ran tests for years, and was always happy to coorporate. They treates him well, until the government was unexpectedly overthrown in a military coup. By then Kiahn had grown 6 functional tentacles that the clinic cut off in an attempt to make him disappear. As the clinic was raided by the military, the clinic took him to a safehouse. That is wherr they found out Kiahn had hidden his telekinectic powers. Kiahn broke out and disappeared into a quiet life. He still hates the clinic for betraying and maiming him and the tentacles are slowly growing back…

Likes: rain, being left alone, drinking tea
Dislikes: people, open spaces, loud noise
Favorite color: dark blue
Fashion style: dark clothing