Introverted, cool, calm and collected, stand-offish yet very ambitious and a sore loser. Lovis is not the easiest person to be around, but once you gain her trust she will defend you with her life. She displays no natural talent for magic, although she does possess a “sixth sense” to feel magic around which indicated magical familiarity, but to what extent is still unknown.

Name: Lovis
Sculpt: Bluefairy Tiny Fairy Olive
Body: BF TF Blossom girl body
Arrival: 11 November 2015

Eyes: 16mm CiG-E14 eyes
Wig:7-8″ synthetic mohair Dollmore Asha wig
Modifications: –
Face-up: by me

Storyline: Relic Hunters
Race: human
Age: 14

Background: life in the bog was hard on all children, including Lovis. After the most basic form of education she was tossed into the bogs where she picked roots, frogs and herbs for her mother who ran a small apothecary. When Lovis became of age, a woman named Rosalynd of the College of Greywall came to the bog community and paid double her dowry for Lovis to become her squire. It is the College’s number one mystery as to why Ross chose this girl in particular, but so far Lovis has proved to be quite the asset to Ross’s team.

After a short page training, Lovis went on to be Ross’ squire, cooking and cleaning and sharpening swords, her highest ambition becoming a full-fledged knight. Still, she has a hard time with the knight’s code to obey her patron even to death, as Ross pulls some morally grey or downright evil tricks in her career as a relic hunter.

Likes: reading, hearth fires, swimming, sword training
Dislikes: large groups of people, speaking in front of large groups of people, losing to others
Favorite color: pink
Fashion style: soft pastel colours, comfortable but not restraining clothing