Rosalynd or Ross for short is the leader of the College’s relic hunting party. The College has taken an interest in magical relics and found Ross to be of more use in the field than in the dorms, where she had a habit of practicing her fire magic on freshmen. Ross is a natural born magic user and although she is trained in the school of restoration, she dabbles a bit with all kinds of spells, leading to dangerous and sometimes explosive results. A very stubborn and sometimes explosive personality, Ross is every stereotypical thing you might expect from a fire mage. Yet, she knows how to play the game of the conservative city Council versus the more liberal College, spinning a web of influence around her to allow her to continue her experiments.

Name: Rosalynd “Ross” of Greywall
Sculpt:  Boypink Re:sen
Body: TBA
Arrival: TBA

Eyes: TBA
Wig: TBA
Modifications: –
Face-up: by me

Storyline: Relic Hunters
Race: human
Age: 45

Background: Ross was born with a cleft plate, which turned her wealthy-born parents to reject her at the College’s door. She remains in good contact with her younger brother Donnevar who resides at the city’s Council, but she has not spoken to her parents since their retirement to some far-away idyllic counry estate.

Ross has recently acquired a squire, Lovis, but went far out of her way into the eastern bogs and coughed up quite a large sum of money for her. The College, of course, is completely unaware what Ross invested her stipend in, yet the rest of the party knows to keep an eye on young Lovis.

Likes: fire magic, traveling, camping, research
Dislikes: black and white thinking, horses, narrow-minded magic users
Favorite color: red
Fashion style: light but functional armor. Has never been seen in “casual” clothing. Likes long, dramatic cloaks in bright colours.