Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween everyone! I had a day off today so sewed some quick costumes for my crew and set up a small display on the couch. I love Halloween and I used to go to my sorority’s Halloween fest every year, but alas we couldn’t make it this Saturday so here I am catching up.


Kiahn is dressed as Dr. Acula from Scrubs (which I totally should rewatch for the 3rd time). The coat is actually from a bear I got back when my boyfriend worked at a hospital.


Lovis is a spider witch in her dress by myheartissupernova. The spiders are sewn on temporarily. I made the witch hat extra big for her huge hair, it’s almost SD size!


Horace is a gnome! A few years back I made a gnome costume for a friend, who went to Castlefest as a gnome and his then GF as a garden. I loved that idea, and then decided to go as a gnome myself for Halloween that year but plans changes. I still want to do a tuitkabouter (drunk gnome) costume one day!


Copper in her Cool Pant Cate outfit! At least that one made my boyfriend laugh xD

I hope to see a ton of Halloween dolly shoots today 😀

~ Petesy