Cornflower Blue Dress


This cornflower blue dress was made for a friend of a friend, but the deal fell through. It’s still a really wonderful dress despite the velours de panne, which is on the cheaper end of the fabric spectrum and also frayed like hell!


The design was modeled after Meredith’s dress from the movie Brave, only with a deeper scooped neckline and no neckline ruffles.


The slashing is actually fake – the sleeves are made of 2 gold pieces and 2 blue pieces, attached together with blue strips. The gold pieces are gathered to create the illusion of poofing while the inside feels like one continuous sleeve. I figured with the hot polyester velour de panne I would want to make it as light and breezy as possible.


The dress also features a nice train, which looks weird on the mannequin because the mannequin has no ass… Oh well!

I really hope this dress will be worn by someone today because it was the first real thing I did on commission with only the commissioner’s measurements to work with!

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