Mom & Pop pillows

The first expecting couple of parents in the friend group is always extra special. You get to set the tone for the baby showers and have bragging rights to be “the first” among friends to produce a tiny human child!

Of course I wanted to give my friends something special and unique for this exact reason. A pair of Mom & Pop pillows with felt portraits of the parents to be.


I sketched out the design for the portraits first. You have to keep it simple with felt portraits, but still pick enough characteristics to make it look like the person. After sketching I traced the pieces onto some felt. I used wool felt for the portraits and regular acrylic felt for the letters.


I used fusible interfacing to iron the largest portrait pieces (the faces, hair and beard) down. The other pieces were glued down with specks of craft glue to hold them in place for hand stitching. I used a blanket stitch in matching colours to go around all pieces.


Once the portraits had been finished, I moved on to the letters. Here, I already sewed in the invisible zippers. The front of the pillows are dark gray wool, and the back is imitation sheep fur. I figured it would go well with the themes I saw in their home.


And finally, the end result! I bought the inner pillows last minute, and to my surprise I bought too large ones! I ended up making do, and really liking the overstuffed look of these!

Mom & Pop to be were very happy with these, and Pop even got to admire them before he was snatched away to his own baby shower with the male friends of our group!