Greywall Diorama part 1: Foam Board Base

Hey everyone! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me visit a friend who is building a diorama for her doll! I really liked this idea, and also inspired by roterwolkenvogel’s amazing diorama, I set out to make my own.

I started on a diorama a couple of months ago but it was too small. This time, I went with three 50 x 70 cm panels, perfect for a nice corner for 1:4 scale dolls.

photo_2017-07-21_16-41-20 (2)

One 50 x 70 panel would be the floor, the ohter 50 x 70 cm board the long side, and all I had to do was cut the short side. I measured a square of 50 x 50 cm and cut it with a stanley knife.

photo_2017-07-21_16-41-21 (2)

Foam board is actually quite hard to cut because of the glossy film on top of the foam, so I took my time and carefully cut everything. despite that, it was not a perfect clean cut so I made sure to use the rough edge on top, so I would not glue a wonky side later.


From the leftover 20 x 50 cm strip I cut a 20 x 20 cm square, and cut that in half again to form a triangle. We’ll use this later, it’s quite important!


I used Bison Kit universal glue, which is really nasty stuff but did the trick just right. The trick with most glues is to pre-dry it according to the instructions on the package, Here it said to pre-dry is – to 4- minutes. I went with 10 minutes as we’re dealing with a lightweight material.

Always ventilate your work space before working with nasty glues!

I glued both the edge of the wall panels as the base of the floor, so two glued edges would be pressed against each other. Again, read the instructions of the glue you’re using.


The first panel pressed down in place. I pressed it down for 2-3 minutes before it was able to stand on its own. I used a mug to stabilize it either way.


The side panel also went in smoothly. There is now a small piece sticking out on the side of the diorama which is not bothering me, but if you want your wall flush with the floor you have to cut away a small strip as wide as your foam board is thick.

photo_2017-07-21_16-41-22 (2)

I used washi tape to reinforce the glued edges. I might tape down all edges as this is just the back of the diorama anyway.


Now I get to use the triangle part! It is just for my piece of mind to make sure the walls won’t wobble. You could use another full panel to cut a triangle piece that covers the entire top of the diorama if you want to add a chandelier or something.


Tape it up real good!


And the base is finished! Here is Copper (scale 1:6) standing in it. It looks shorter than it is in real life!

Next update: adding some paper as a base to the walls, and using dry brush / dry sponge technique to create a fake stucco wall.

Thanks for watching!
~ Petesy