Valentines Swap – Joanna’s Package

I heard the doorbell ring on Tuesday, but I was too lazy to get up and check. There have been painters at work all week and they’d been targeting me to ask for warm water for their brushes…

I heard the door open and two muffled voices followed by pitter-patter of tiny feet! Horace and Brienne signed for my package, then kidnapped it and tried to bribe me into giving them all the candy upon releasing the package! They cleverly hid it underneath the unfolded towels on my cutting table. Can you believe it! Only three days later I found out what those two have been hiding for me!

This had nothing to do with me being really busy preparing workshops!


Me: “Ahem…

Horace: “Package?”

Brienne: “Nobody said package.”


Me: “Come on, I know that’s the package from Joanne (myheartissupernova)! Don’t be jerks and release them!”

Horace: “you know the price!”

Brienne: “all the candy is for us, but because you’ve been so nice to us, we’ll go for half!”

Me: “UGH!”



Me: “I bet she’s thought of you guys too!”


WOW! There’s so much amazing things! Where to start?

Joanne told me she would send some typical Polish snacks. Apart from chicken sausages and sesame cookies, I don’t know of many Polish snacks, so this was a great discovery.


Not one, but TWO really awesome canvas bags!


And two beautiful vintage post card. Brienne really loves the tattooed lady. The card says:

According to legend, there once was a dragon roaming near the city of Krakow. It got killed, but somehow the dragon became the most popular icon of Krakow.


Some Dilmah teas, and two cute Moomin tea bags! I am especially excited about the Ginger & Honey tea because I’ve been on a ginger crave lately.


The sweet candies look really nice!


These are really special, handmade candies from “the smallest candie manufacture Worldwide”.


Ohh you can do candy workshops? That sounds so cool!

I searched for a video about the candy maker and it really is a very small artisan shop! I love it!


The savory candy also looked really promising. There’s a similar type of bruschette snack I love to eat, and those bacon peanuts look amazing!


Kopalnioki is something “special”. A lot of people hate their herbal flavor. But they’re very popular among people of Silesia (central Poland). Their flavor and name are a nod to Silesian working class, majoroty of which are coal miners. Kopalnioko were given to miners at the end of their shift.

They are delicious! But then again I am Dutch so I love licorice and licorice-like flavors. Personally, they reminded me of anijsnopjes, with strong anise flavor. I will remember to send a bag of those back to Poland if they enjoy this flavor!

Honestly I have had much worse herbal candies like laurierdrop with bay leaf flavor (GROSS!).


And now the beautiful cards! Carina’s card has her portrait on it, and I saw that Bea send her portrait to Karla’s doll Drisimi!


Dream against the flow

Let your garden grow

Over land and waters

Feel no borders

Walking right into the Sun

You’re unique and loved.
Believe in yourself!


What a beautiful poem, thank you so much! I think it really captures our international friendship through dolls!


Horace: “thank you so much for your beautiful card, Carina! Do you mind if my SO holds it up? I can’t hold up my arms very well because someone has not restrung and wired me in over a year.”

Me: “noted.”

But now for the best part!


Eeek look at that! What a perfect hand painted shirt, with Finn’s helmet from Star Wars!

It is no secret I am a huge fan of the latest Star Wars movie, and Horace shares this interest together with Copper! So this is really perfect for him, also because he has so few clothes…


Brienne: “your big stupid ears are in the way!”

Horace: “just be careful!”


Horace: *struggles* “You’re hurting me!!!”

Brienne: “be a big boy and fold your ears down!”

Horace: “AAARGH!!!”


A quick head removal later, and the shirt fits! I am sure it would have fitted over his ears but I didn’t want to stretch it too much!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Joanne! What a great package you put together and such a lovely card too! Horace is very happy with his Finn shirt and Brienne has claimed the lace one, although she might lend it out to Orpheus soon.

Now, to enjoy the ginger tea and Kopalnioki!

~ petesy